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Toronto SEO Specialist Explains SEO

What is SEO” is the question that must be answered prior to setting up a plan to optimize a new website. The technical definition of SEO is simple. SEO is the process of creating website pages in a way that make their content find-able according to what is entered into the various search engines. Find-able content on a web page would consist of keywords and key phrases that people are searching for. For example, a person searches for “green pears” in a Google search engine. A web page properly optimized for the key phrase “green pears” has completed the first step in being find-able on the internet.

Consistency Is Key

There are many more steps that need to be taken on a consistent basis in order to beat all of the other pages that are also optimized properly for the same keyword. For example, there may be 1000 other websites that have followed the correct steps in optimizing their site for “green pears” as well. How does Google decide which one will show on the first page of results. The answer to that question is worth a load of cash and it always changes when Google creates a new algorithm which determines which sites will rank high.

Some factors taken into consideration regarding which site will come up first are listed below.

1. The length of the content containing the keyword
2. The keyword density on the page
3. The readability of the content containing the keyword
4. Do people like the content
5. When landing on the web page in question do people leave or stay
6. How many backlinks on the internet point to the web page
7. How many outbound links are on to the web page
8. Has the content been socially promoted on the internet
9. The trust that your domain has on the internet

The list above is the short list of things that Google takes into consideration.

SEO Is A Process Not An Event

Clients are often unaware of all of the moving pieces regarding what it takes to get a website to rank on the first page of Google. There is a constant struggle to get to the first page and remain there. Other companies are watching and performing all of the same tasks listed above in order to take over the first position. This is why SEO is an ongoing process that needs regular attention.

The Best In The World

Creativity is what sets Creative Media Conceptions apart from the crowd. As a result, the explanation continues. Think of the best UFC fighter or boxer in the world as a webpage on a website. When the fighter enters the ring he or she is fully optimized to be in that position. This optimization occurs as a result of a series of ongoing events. The fighter eats properly, jogs daily, gets sufficient sleep and trains his or her skill set regularly. A series of steps must be followed regularly for the fighter and the webpage to be optimized for the top position. When these steps are not followed regularly the fighter and the webpage loses the highly sought after top position!